Our idea is to give the people help and hope and show them that crypto currency can be used for great things and with that being said we are implanting a system to do so.

Why even make this coin?
Its honestly the best idea for a blockchain. A blockchain that can be used to help anyone and everyone around the world that needs help. Think about it there are so many natural disasters in our world along with under developed countries and cities even developed cities from some parts in Africa to United states Flint Michigan where they dont have simple things like clean water.

Can anyone request for help?
Of course, Our website will have a request form where anyone can fill out. Just simply fill out the form describing the crisis and also list a charity that we can donate to along with contact information and any other details needed. Then we will list that request so all users can see then you will be able to vote. We want users to check the Help Tab daily as we want voting to end quick so funds can get sent out even faster . We will not charge for votes those will be free. Every user will get 1 vote a day and will get a say to where the RESERVE FUNDS goes. Once voting has finished we will then remove the amount of TGAO and convert to funds that we can send. Then we will contact the charity to get details on sending all funds . If for any reason we are unable to send funds we will state what happened and try to find another ROUTE.

Although we dont want to limit it to just BIG crisis we would want to help out everyone even in family matters such as sudden deaths, Home repairs , Basic items as food and shelter . We will leave a section open for small crisis but if we see scams trying to take place we will have to either remove that section or ban the scammers from the project alltogether.

Our voting system will have multi-able checks to ensure users are not trying to dupe the system in any way . any USERS caught duping the system will lose their account and be banned from using the website.

With that being said users will also be able to send in their own funds to help along with the reserve. Those users will get Fame in our Donation Wall( If users wants to be known).

Reserve wallet will always be live so everyone can see the balace . All donations from the reserved will be logged and showed in detail where money has gone like so .
Coin Details
Algo: x11
Block Time : 3.5 - 5 mins may vary depending on DIFFICULTY
PoW: 150 TGAO Mining will end at block 25000
PoS: 50%
Masternodes: 150%
RPCPORT: 15550

Total Coins: 100,000,000 TGAO
Premine 7.5 million TGAO

4 Million ( Reserved for staking to help any crisis that happens all over the world)

3 Million TGAO to be sold to Future MN holders & stakers @ 500 sats to help pay for exchange listing / hosting cost yearly ( Network Fund)

500,000 * Break Down
200,000 (NOTE* This will be my own funds for a couple of masternodes for dev team)
100,000 - Giveaways ( ex twitter and vote campaigns)
100,000 - two Masternode Giveaways
100,000 - Bountys ( Window wallet , Mac Wallet , Graphics etc)

PoW Bonus: For mining we will reward you with 150 TGAO get those staking right away.

MasterNode Cost: 50000 TGAO